10 Best Mobile App Testing Tools

   Feb 20, 2017              Mobile App Development

Today, organizations need to consider different components while building up a mobile application to make it financially effective. It needs to give perfect and customized user experience. In the most recent couple of years, there has been a quick increment and change in the technologies, platforms, and mobiles because of which the need of thorough mobile application testing has expanded to meet the requests of computerized change patterns. The product testing market has changed a lot and has turned out to be more user driven as opposed to an item driven.

Mobile App Testing Tools

With the expect to meet the requests of an agile development process, there are a lot of testing tools which can help the group to test differed parameters of the mobile applications like behavior, execution, security and so forth in the totally mechanized way. Some of these testing tools work aggressively on native, hybrid and web applications.

1. Appium

It is an open source tools for computerizing local, hybrid application on iOS and the Android platform alongside the mobile web. For mobile testing, none of the code should be altered and it's anything but difficult to utilize interface and works straightforwardly. It depends on selenium and it underpins significant languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#.

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2. Calabash

Calabash is a automated acknowledgment testing framework for mobile applications. It underpins 2 open source libraries Android and iOS. Calabash is kept up by Xamarin and is a cloud-based testing tool. It functions admirably with Ruby, Java, Net, Flex.

3. Frank iOS

It is an open source testing tools particularly for iOS and it demonstrates joined components of Cucumber and JSON. Here the code require not be changed to run the test, but rather it's hard to utilize specifically on the gadget so for the most part utilized for web application. It incorporates an intense "application inspector" called Symbiote that can be utilized to get point by point data on the running application.

4. Monkey Talk

Obtained by oracle in 2015, it is a cross-platform testing tools that automates genuine, practical intelligent test. Monkey Talk works productively in the event of testing on a genuine equipment or a test system. It is an open-source tools comprise of three parts, for example, IDE, Scripts, and operators.

5. Robotium

It is a magnificent android testing tool and has an open source library. Robotium makes it simple to compose effective and vigorous programmed discovery UI tests for Android applications. It has full support for native and hybrid applications. With its support, developers can compose capacity, framework, and user acknowledgment test situations, crossing various Android exercises

6. Selendroid

It is a framework which drives the UI of Android native and hybrid application. It can be coordinated as a hub into the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing. Selendroid underpins hot stopping of equipment gadgets and has worked in Inspector to disentangle test case development. It is completely perfect with the JSON Wire Protocol/Selenium 3 Ready.

7. KeepItFunctional (KIF)

This is an iOS integration test system that permits simple automation of iOS application. The tests for the structure are composed in Objective-C which takes into consideration most extreme mix with the code and limits the quantity of layers that must be manufactured. It fabricates and plays out the tests utilizing a standard OCUnit testing target.

8. EarlGrey

It is a native iOS UI automation test framework that empowers the user to write clear, succinct tests. It incorporates with Xcode's Test Navigator so one can run tests specifically from Xcode or the charge line. EarlGrey test automation framework consequently synchronizes with the UI and network requests.

9. Ranorex

Ranorex is composed by Ranorex GmbH, a software development organization for programming test computerization solutions. It doesn't have its own scripting language so it utilized programming languages like C# and VB.NET as a base. It is an open source and is utilized to test local iOS applications, native mobile applications, Mobile Web Testing for iOS, Mono touch and so on.

10. EggPlant

This is a black-box GUI test automation tools, intended for Android and iOS application testing by TestPlant. Scripting refined utilizing an exclusive scripting language called SenseTalk, an English-like language that is easy to utilize. It utilizes insightful picture recognition algorithm to "see" the display screen of the PC being tried.

Alongside similarity with different platforms, the mobile testing applications will confront gigantic development because of the quick technological changes. So best test automation slants that will make waves are Comprehensive security testing, big information related application, strength and security with web based business application, react to voice orders, survey the execution and usefulness of the application when associated with different gadgets, utilization of cloud platform and automation testing.


Today an organization taking a shot at software needs to computerize their testing efforts to fulfill both speed and consistency with the pattern of the cloud platform, the analyzers are empowered to evaluate the application's look, feel and execution over different gadgets without purchasing these gadgets. So while picking the testing accomplice, one must guarantee that they monitor the latest patterns in mobile application testing to get efficient output. 

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