10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Whether you are new to Android software development and the utilization of Android applications, you may not know the intricate details of the Android system and additionally you could. There are dependably things you don't understand about the system you are utilizing. There are tips and trics for Android that everyone should know."

Android Tips and Tricks

Here are 10 useful Android tips and tricks you should know:

1. Enhance performance by keeping up your Android gadget like you would keep up your PC. PCs require tuning up once in a while thus do Android gadgets. There are various Android applications that can enable you to do this, for example, All-In-One-Toolbox.

2. Android has a huge potential for customization. Avoid a group of icons and influence utilization of gadgets, to seek bars, and so forth to take advantage of your Android home screen and your Android applications.

3. Increment the odds you will recover your gadget if you lose it by going to Settings > Security > Owner Info and afterward typing in contact subtle elements that will be shown on your lock screen. Along these lines, if somebody finds your phone, they will be able to return it all the more effortlessly.

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4. Convey at least one additional batteries, in case you have an Android iphone, for example, a Samsung, that enables you to change the battery. Having additional charged batteries close by will enable you to keep your phone controlled regardless of where you are.

5. If you need a really extraordinary and one of a kind home screen, at that point experiment with some different launchers. Launchers are Android applications that allow you to roll out significant improvements to your home screen. These can regularly give better interfaces that influence things to run faster.

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6. You can set your Android gadget up so you can get to Google search by means of voice command. You should simply search your Google application, tap it, and after that tap Settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection. From here you can tap "From any screen." With this you will be able to launch a Google search through regardless of what screen you are on.

7. Android might be more adaptable than you might suspect. There are shrouded developer alternaties that you can get to. Essentially go to Settings > About Phone and tap "Build number" seven times. You will get a message saying you are presently a developer. When you come back to Settings, you should see a possibility for "developer options."

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8. There is a considerable measure of data you can see on your lock screen. You can add gadgets to it that enable you to see some data without unlocking your phone. Simply go to Settings > Security and tap "Enable Widget." Then when you go to your lock screen and swipe left, you will see a large + sign. When you tap the + sign, you will be demonstrated a determination of gadgets you can access from your lock screen.

9. You can utilize application stores other than Google Play, for example, Amazon, for downloading Android applications. They frequently offer great deals!

10. Secure your phone through encryption, however ONLY if you have a genuine concern that sensitive data could be stolen. Go to Settings > Security > Encryption and tap "Encrypt phone." You will be requested a PIN and you should enter it each time you turn your phone on.

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