7 Leading Trends of Wordpress in 2017 That are Worth Appealing

   Dec 11, 2017              Wordpress

With regards to prevalence, WordPress is without a doubt a pioneer of CMS which holds over 59% share of total sites pesent over the web. One of the real reasons of this buildup is the incessant updates and birth of new features with something energizing to insert into a website design.

There is dependably a room open for development and with regards to speculation for your site, it is the need of great importance to be mindful yet creative for every alcove and corner of your website design. This influences you to figure something else from the day by day routine thoughts and you can see your business rising. There are various WordPress designs embraced in 2017.


We are posting beneath few of them to help you:

HTTPs and Encryption

In each WordPress update, all the vital advances are taken for security. It is a conspicuous thought for a WordPress controlled site to pick SSL in their hosting services. They ought to likewise be outfitted with API verification and other wellbeing improvements where a site needs HTTPS convention appended into it.
With regards to business benefits, ranking factor is additionally a critical perspective with which you can expect your brand develop. Google has started a pattern of denoting the sites that are not secure for gathering passwords and other sensitive information.


When contrasted with customary irregular payment to offer products & services, SaaS has been supported out a solid name in 2017 similar to an inflexible WordPress improvement model. With SaaS, supporters are furnished with the adaptability to utilize an upgraded and secure programming comprising enhanced usefulness.

Actually, it is a win-win bargain for end-clients and developers since clients are furnished with a lifetime support and software update while developers have a solid salary source in hand.

Virtual Reality

This idea can be seen in various games and headsets from Pokemon Go to Gear VR, however its genuine pith is much more past it. It can basically be comprehended as the best approach to speak with the counterfeit world by means of web. If you need to make your site advanced for VR gadgets, you can utilize a few modules accessible in the computerized commercial center to fuse wanted VR functionalities.

360-degree content creation is an essential and old idea that was inbuilt earlier in WordPress.com.

Drag & Drop

The extensive notoriety of module-based themes has put simplified process without hesitation. This causes WordPress clients not to stay limited inside the prefixed sidebar formats. With a delightful amalgamation of HTML5 and CSS3 segments, there are perpetual customization conceivable outcomes for the clients with no specialized capability in WordPress. Additionally, one can think past just a blog-like content organizing for your site.

Simplified page manufacturer likewise gives a total control of all the plan components without rolling out any improvements in the general structure. Thus, you can depict your website composition precisely the way you need. More or less, this proficient strategy enhances UI of a WordPress controlled site in a matter of seconds.


Microinteractions are the little on-screen animations that are intuitive in nature and made to keep clients connected with while they are waiting for a response. It is a little advance towards settling Interstitial Anxiety, a brief perspective where a client came to while he is in mid of a condition of making a move and getting a return from a framework. This stage can surely build the ricochet rate and consequently should be lessened.

In the current circumstances of this technically knowledgeable situation, Microinteractions can deliver a more usable and human-driven UI. One great case here is a red bolt symbol fit as a fiddle that shows up when you update any plugin from your WordPress dashboard.


Photographs have been a necessary component of the web designing since the time sites appeared. But, the taste is changing each day thus as the nature of pictures being utilized as a part of a site. Gone are the days when individuals were happy with the dreary mushy stock pictures. Presently, designers have swung to the common looking pictures with changed apparatuses Unsplash and Picjumbo with an expectation to tune sincerely with their visitors.
Cinematography can be seen an extraordinary appearance after full-screen video-headers where still pictures are blended astutely with the moving components to insert a feeling of passionate feel to the visitors.


If you need your image to remain ahead, there must be something additional unique in it that clients won't discover anyplace else. This basically can be named as personalization by redoing required web elements to give your business a novel character that it merits. For example, standard photographs are obsolete today and are supplanted with the pictures that identify with a business.

This customization is of absolute advantage where your site will depict a specific vibe and uniqueness relating to your brand.


Development is noticeable all around and the things are changing at a speed of rocket. This has expanded the rate of development and it will probably detonate in the coming days. There is no distortion if you can see some eye-surprising features later on. Until further notice, appreciate the given rundown and get meriting support in your business development. 

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