7 Quick Tips to Help You Maximize Location-Based Mobile App Ads

There is a growing shift toward getting mobile. Mobile marketing strategies evolve as users get on-the-go, continually spending more time on their phones than at their desks. Marketers need to adapt to this increasing trend, creating relevant content that will engage just the right demographic groups. Customers now need to see the right ad at the right moment. A fixed solution just won’t do the trick. Location-based mobile marketing targets the core audience and evolves with the environment. This is an opportunity for marketing experts and mobile app developers to work along and use location-based data for creating strong customer connections in an ever-changing location context.

 Location-Based Mobile App Ads

How to Use Mobile Marketing To Grab Customers’ Attention from Any Location

Location-based ads drive a competitive advantage against mobile apps that don’t use them. There are plenty of ways to include the data in your mobile marketing strategy. The properly scaled mobile app ad campaign can hit just the right spot if you keep in mind some valuable tips to market mobile.

1. Use mobile indexing to raise the awareness across your core audience. Mobile data can be used to develop a brand loyalty based on user demographics and actual behavioral tendencies. Make sure to adapt your mobile app add content for priority results in the forthcoming era of mobile-first indexing.

2. Get your hands on Geo Audience Targeting. This is the best way to find people who are the ideal users of your app based on where they are in life, how much they earn and which age or ethnicity group they belong to.

3. Optimize the cookies to develop in-depth customer profiles. The location-based data will set the way for reaching to the right people when they engage with your mobile app in the real life. Let your app developers help you integrate sophisticated tools to maximize the user data from the terrain. Then pump-up the in-app messages to reach specific affinities - the more specific you are, the better.

4. Incorporate GeoFencing to build dynamic creative units. In this way, the mobile ad will travel with your customer and flex according to the specific location.

5. Strike with visual. Bold video presentation with the right mobile app design captures the customer attention within the super-short time frame they have in today’s world on the web. An interesting 10 to 15-second video, mesmerizing media or an interactive ad will attract your core users and help you optimize your mobile advertising.

6. Think gaming. Global marketing trends project growth based on gamification that will go well over the $100 billion dollars mark in 2018. With an average percent increase of around 8% per year, gamification is one strategy you wouldn’t want to miss when you leverage mobile ads.

7. Don’t forget to go social. Incorporating social media tools will entice the users to share with their friends and push your app to the in-demand tipping point. Make it simple. Enabling sharing with just one tap is a great way to get new people on board

Aside from choosing the right mobile networks, you also need to impress the customers. The creative is the most abundant part of mobile ads. Although it can be a challenge to go wild when the mobile ad world functions in squares and rectangles, this is one particular advantage that promises a bright future of monetizing mobile app development with targeted mobile marketing.

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