Android Oreo vs iOS 11 Features Comparison: Whats New, Empowering & Promising?

   Aug 31, 2017              Mobile App Development

Since the tech gaints Apple and Google have released the features of their most recent and most anticipated operating system at their individual overwhelming occasions, the web and social channels are swirling with the civil argument of "Android Oreo vs iOS 11".

If you were excessively caught up with, making it impossible to take after the occasions at WWDC 2017 or investigate the new features of iOS11, no stresses! We have a point by point blog presenting the most imperative and fascinating features of iOS 11, only for you.

In the present post we will draw a comparison between the two driving contenders in the operating system space, Android Oreo vs iOS 11, with a specific end goal to help you in picking the victor.

Android Oreo vs iOS 11

Here we are laying out some key new increments to iOS 11 and in addition Android O. It's an ideal opportunity to see which one figures out how to prevail upon your heart:

Nailing it with AI

  • Google is enabling clients for an AI first world with the new AI-controlled features on Android O.
  • You would now be able to copy a Wi-Fi password while you concentrate your phone camera on it; no need of typing the password.
  • Consideration based notification arranging is truly an exceptionally savvy highlight among the Android O new features which implies your notices are not a wreck any longer. Utilizing AI, this OS would execute arranging of notifications into hierarchy.
  • The notifications will be arranged into four main categories according to their significance – Major Ongoing, People to People, General and By the Way.
  • Content choice is went with shrewd apparatuses in Android O that recommend logical activities.

Apple additionally has its say on AI and is using the same to make Siri Smarter than at any other time.

Siri – the virtual assistant is utilizing profound learning strategies to learn client inclinations and offer new features as needs be.
When iOS 11 reveals, the gadgets running on it would get AI fueled Photos application equipped for arranging photographs in view of time, date and occasions.
Our team of iOS developers is eager to work next gen applications for iOS 11.

Native screen recording

Did you ever need to gloat about your gaming aptitudes? Or, on the other hand record an intriguing online class? Apple has perused your brain and offered worked in screen recording feature. Presently you can record a video in your iOS 11 gadget with a single tap.

Android as of now has this native screen recording features since Android 5.0 version.

Peer to peer payment system

Apple's iOS 11 is gathering acclaims from everybody for making payment easier than at any other time. Truly, iMessaging application incorporates the most recent Apple Pay features which implies you can simply pay with a message.

Google's Andriod O, despite what might be expected accompanies a fundamental messaging application without the peer to peer payment system.

Hire an Expert

Multi-tasking screen mode

Presently you can shrink a video or Google maps route into a gliding thumbnail (picture-in-picture mode) in your Android O gadgets with the goal that you can see it even while doing different errands.

iPad clients, then again, are getting a charge out of this features since iOS 9 version took off.

Virtual Personal Assistant

As specified above, Google Assistant is a great deal more intelligent now and makes a jump to outperform Siri with Google Lens. The last uses machine figuring out how to distinguish objects.

Our Android developers are excitedly sitting tight for the last arrival of Android O with the goal that they can build up some top of the line applications utilizing these features.

They are at any rate having an extraordinary time investigating the Android O developer.

In spite of the fact that, Siri has got some not too bad updates, it would get an intense rivalry from Google Assistant which has come to iOS now. Both the associates are prepared to react to wrote in inquiries. Also, indeed, Siri now has a male partner!

Development in AR and VR

As far as developments in the VR segment, Google is killing it with Google Daydream features and certified that the Daydream application is accessible on Android O.

In the AR field, in any case, Google Tango is relied upon to get intense rivalry from Apple's ARKit developer platform. No one but time can announce the champ, till then simply hold up and watch!

Better life

There has been different programming refinements conveyed to Android O with the goal to make boot up times speedier, application stack times faster and enhance battery life and in addition execution of the gadget running on it.

Apple, then again, is more centered around design, security and highlights and consequently you would not see any critical contrast in execution while you relocate from iOS 10 to iOS 11.

Security issues

With regards to security, Apple without a doubt holds the edge as it controls both the product and equipment alongside an exceedingly secure OS. With its shut source-code arrangement, Apple is figuring out how to stay secure dependably.

In this way, iOS 11 would surely be more secure than Android O and highlight less number of characteristic bugs in its framework.


Version of iOS and Android continue rolling and being a Mobile App Development Company, we have been definitely watching the new improvements and advancements in every OS for over 10 years.

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