Common Mistakes by Drupal Developer & Way to Prevent Them

   Apr 20, 2017              Web Development

Drupal is an all-around famous open source content management system. It is a capable open source software coded utilizing PHP language programming for powerful development of systems expected to improve the general usefulness/execution of your site. It is accessible for everybody to download in free. A large portion of the prestigious, high trafficking and the busiest sites of the world have been created utilizing drupal development services. The sites of Fortune 500 organizations like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, World Fuel Services Corporation, eBay, Time Warmers INC. what's more, Qualcomm Incorporated are the best cases of it.


In some cases, Drupal developers can submit genuine missteps amid the formative period of a site. In any case, here're a few answers for 7 genuine errors conferred by Drupal developers amid the formative stage:

1. Poor Content Architecture:

Content is unquestionably the most critical piece of any CMS. Starting the formative period of any site without understanding the Content necessity is a deadly slip-up conferred by any Drupal developer. This mix-up by Drupal developers brings about missing/misconfiguration of Content sorts. This is the reason it turns out to be imperative for the majority of the Drupal developers to ensure they comprehend the Content necessities before beginning to build up any site.

Recommended Solution:

Intensely honed and the best Drupal development specialist organizations unequivocally inform the reuse and institutionalization with respect to Content sorts and fields to maintain a strategic distance from this misstep.

2. Incorrect Installation and Folder Structure:

This is another genuine mix-up conferred by unpracticed Drupal developers. Establishment of modules and themes in the right directories helps during the time spent moving up to the most recent form and makes troubleshooting a cakewalk.

Proposed Solution:

Our Drupal site development specialists don't guidance the establishment of custom modules on the root level.

3. No Version Control Systems:

Not having a VCS set up is additionally a genuine oversight by Drupal developers. Form Control System (VCS) is extremely basic for any Drupal extend. It assumes an essential part to help keep up the entire history of formative stage. VCS additionally permits developers to monitor a wide range of modifications.

Proposed Solution:

Have a perfect VCS set up

Our honed Drupal experts don't suggest infrequent backup through document copy.

4. Installation of Incorrect module:

This is the most deadly oversight conferred by any new or even experienced Drupal developer. Establishment of mistaken modules makes the site subject to flimsiness.

Recommended Solution:

Check module instructions and ensure it is upheld.

Additionally check modules for it for caveats.

Above all, see a wide range of important guidelines before introducing, particularly if there should be an occurrence of modules that are in beta or alpha states. This will help maintain a strategic distance from insecurity in the site.

5. Spam Control:

Another or unpracticed developers may not be fit for controlling the spam. Also, they can leave the site open for all. This genuine oversight by any Drupal developer can rapidly surge the site with spam remarks or Content.

Proposed Solution:

Contract a Drupal developer who has lot of experience to control spam.

Ensure your Drupal developers keep the site reliably directed and managed.

6. An excessive number of Modules:

Now and again, new or even experienced Drupal developers can neglect to incapacitate or uninstall the greater part of the unused modules. Such superfluous modules diminish the performance of site.

Proposed Solution:

We, being the best Drupal development specialist organization, guidance you to instantly survey the check of modules on the off chance that it surpasses a specific limit.

7. Inaccurate Caching Strategy:

All Drupal developers must comprehend the significance of executing page and piece reserving precisely. Developer's lack of ability to do as such may bring about site's poor performance and uptime likewise endures.

Proposed Solution:

Get the best and exact storing methodology set up to flawlessness.

Empower the server side caching.

Have a right procedure for cache clearing purpose.

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