How to Migrate Adobe Flex to HTML 5

   Apr 13, 2017              Web Development

Adobe Flex/Flash is a sinking technology, and because of its specialized constraints many Flex application owners are presently moving towards HTML5. Presently the question emerges, how would we move an application based on Flex to HTML5 and what steps do we have to take after?

Flex to HTML5

In any case, first let us rapidly experience on why organizations are picking this technology change from Flex to HTML5:


  • HTML5 doesn't require any runtime condition in program not at all like Flex that requires runtime condition to be downloaded and accessible inside browser environment
  • HTML5 gives better user experience
  • Supports various gadgets
  • HTML5 content keeps running no less than 58% faster than Flash
  • Because of its worked for responsiveness include, HTML5 significantly lessens time and development cost
  • It incorporates all assortments of media

Along these lines, the world can envision HTML5 as the local language of the web browser. More than 90% of all programs are supported by HTML5.

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Change to HTML5 Overview:


  • HTML5 application for the most part takes after a MVC architecture executed utilizing any JavaScript system. The JavaScript library filling in as the essential front end technology
  • Keeping in mind the end goal to make the application responsive and mobile friendly, HTML + CSS + JS framework technology like Bootstrap can be executed in the View Layer alongside HTML5 and CSS3 to convey a smooth responsive conduct
  • The HTML5 front end application will speak with the backend application utilizing front end JS controller layer to associate with backend web services.


Procedure to Convert Flex to HTML5:


  • The procedure begins with utilizing a Flash to HTML system, (for example, AngularJS) to redesign and rebuild the overall Flash Content, subsequently to make it adjusted with HTML5
  • This rates up the modification procedure to the new HTML5 content in an extensively lesser time
  • The HTML 5 final content will keep on having same content from Flash, for example, visuals, abundance, look and feel, graphics and others


The new HTML5 content will accord to the ease of use requests of various screens of mobiles and desktops. HTML5 content can be made light weight to support even low end smartphones where it will require optimal gadget resources. Our Flash to HTML5 change process and techniques ensures the required standard is taken after and the new content gets rendered appropriately as required.

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