5 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make

An amazing business idea with wonderful products in place, but still not reaching the desired set level and upgradation. Itís not because your business is bad. Itís all about letting in some few small mistakes on way of your success. What if your hard-earned money is strained out by some silly small mistakes? Well, you have to be extra cautious to deal with it. Let us go through the list of some money mistakes which can break your business.

Meet Swift: Apple's next-gen programming language that may replace Objective-C

Swift is the new, powerful programming language developed by Apple. Itís designed to be safe and interoperable with existing code bases, and it takes a new approach to development on the Mac and iOS devices. Swift works with Xcode 6, and is compatible with modern versions of iOS and OS X. Swift works with and is interoperable with Objective-C. It provides new syntax and syntactics that weíve not seen before from Apple, and allows developers to experience a modern language without any of the legacy baggage of the C language, which has been a staple of programming since the í70s.

Why Content Marketing Helps Link Building

Content makes link building easier because content is something that a link builder can actually leverage. Let me rephrase: GOOD content is something a link builder can leverage. If youíre willingly spreading poor and irrelevant content just to get link equity, youíre part of the problem Matt Cutts railed about earlier this year. Webmasters thirst for good content, and webmasters want it because users want it.