Pros & Cons of Popular PHP Framework

   Jun 22, 2017              Web Development

PHP does not require an introduction when we discuss web development. This scripting language has developed to a substantial degree and has more than a large number of interactive sites made in it.

A PHP developer is basically honored with many number of structures that help them to make sites. Here let us check the pros and cons of popular PHP framework.

PHP Framework


Despite the fact that acquainted with the web world as of late, Laravel now remains as the most loved of most web designers.


  • Sharp templates enable clients to accelerate programming in most recent ways.
  • Packaged measured quality advances the reuse of codes with no bothers.
  • An Artisan CLI with cutting edge instruments.


  • Another platform and in addition moderate in execution.
  • Invert directing strategies are unpredictable to numerous developers.
  • Community support is low when contrasted with different platforms.


Cake PHP

Cake PHP has developed to awesome framework from the early released projects like variants of Ruby on Rails.


  • Eminent community support.
  • Successful ORM.
  • Splendid plugins are accessible to make coding look pleasant.


  • Cumbersome arrangement of codes.
  • One of the slowest platforms.
  • Auto loading choices likewise work gradually.



Codeignitor brought to the notoriety up one after another alongside Cake PHP. It has great number of clients, also.


  • Basic codes, even beginners think that its simple.
  • Exceptionally represented documentation.
  • No slacks, great execution.


  • Library needs refinements, or features.
  • No modular separation of codes.
  • Change of codes is troublesome.



Symfony was released in 2005, yet it came to conspicuousness after 2007. Presently it built up its own space in site development.


  • Adaptable in setting projects.
  • Choices for choosing great ORM.
  • Segments can be stretched out to huge projects.


  • Documentation needs abundant references.
  • Security system is intricate.
  • Movement of parsing is hard.



Acquainted with the universe of web development considerably later, yet Yii2 is quickly developing as a set up platform as of late.


  • Worked in Ajax for doing undertakings like pagination and grids.
  • Light-weighted codes.
  • Superb security and incredible expansions.


  • A few extensions need support.
  • Low regarding community support.
  • Accessibility of experts is low, also.



All these frameworks follows the same MVC design, subsequently the essential qualities are normal to all. But, when web development comes to thought, as a rule, developers have their own inclinations.

The vast majority of the developers pick framework for PHP web development that are basic, secure, and high in execution. Adaptability of structures is another matter of thought to numerous. However these five PHP frameworks are greatly used by developers everywhere throughout the world.

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