Seven Upgraded Features in Joomla 3.7

   May 04, 2017              Web Development

The Joomla! Declared the arrival of Joomla 3.7. This new release in the Joomla! 3 series features more than 700 changes to the mainstream content management system, including many components which "make organization of Joomla! Sites easier and more feature rich, and a few security updates". The accompanying are the seven greatest new feature upgrades found in Joomla 3.7.


1) Custom Fields

Administrators now can add Custom Fields to their articles, users, and contacts. Augmentation developer can likewise utilize this feature inside their own particular custom Joomla! Expansions. With Custom Fields, there are currently 15 diverse field type that can be used to structure more unpredictable content entry system which thus enables content creators to effectively enter their information in a standard way and show it reliably for site visitors.

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2) Multilingual Associations Component

The Multilingual Associations Component enables administrators and authors to effortlessly interpret content from one single, bound together interface.

3) Improved Workflow

A classification, article, or menu thing can now all be made in one stage from inside the menu administrator.

4) New Backend Menu Manager

Proposed for sites where numerous individuals are getting to the Backend/Admin-side of the site is the capacity to effortlessly deal with the administrator menu with the new Backend Menu Manager. Presently one can make custom menus for the Backend simply like you can for the Frontend. This component permits site executives to control which users can see what administrator menu choices

5) TinyMCE Improvements

More should now be possible with the included rich-word processor including new buttons to effortlessly include menu links and contacts.

6) Easier Extension Maintenance

This component change keeps administrator from inadvertently uninstalling required extension package elements.

7) User Experience

UX is enhanced on account of the display of worldwide settings, a compliment backend format, the likelihood to share a session amongst frontend and backend and various other minor user experience improvements.

This release likewise brings various new and upgraded features particularly for developers. Joomla! 3.7 brings upgrades inside the update system, cache system and package/extension management, and in addition a large group of other in the engine progresses.

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