Top 7 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

   Mar 12, 2018              Web Development

JavaScript is a standout amongst the most prominent programming languages and with the rise of Node.js, it has developed in prominence for both front-end and in addition back-end web development. In this post, we will investigate the absolute most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. If you expert at least one of these frameworks in 2018 then they won't just expand your efficiency however will likewise enable you to discover better front-end openings for work as these frameworks are exceptionally looked for after by recruiters.

If you have been doing JavaScript development for as long as couple of years, you would be acquainted with JavaScript libraries like jQeury. While jQuery is still very famous for front end web development, developers incline toward frameworks like Angular, React and VueJS for making single-page web applications as the majority of these frameworks offer speedier approach to information tie and perform receptive changes in the UI.

JavaScript Frameworks

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Top 7 JavaScript frameworks for front-end web improvement are recorded beneath. Key features of these frameworks are likewise said with them. You can find link to these frameworks and extra points of interest underneath the infographic.


Angular is a standout amongst the most utilized JavaScript frameworks for building web applications and SPAs (single page applications). The prior version of Angular was called AngularJS and was created and relesaed by Google in the year 2009. From that point forward it has made considerable progress and is accessible as a MIT authorized open source project empowering numerous enterprise level web applications.

Angular is a MVC-type framework and offers two-way data binding amongst models and perspectives. Angular is utilized for building both mobile and web applications.

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React, built by Facebook and released in 2013, immediately picked up prominence and turned into the quickest developing JavaScript framework. React powers the UIs of Facebook and Instagram and is hence reasonable for high performing enterprise applications.

React offers a one-way reactive data flow and promoters building epitomized segments that deal with their own state. React can be rendered on the server utilizing Node and can likewise be utilized to power mobile applications utilizing React Native.


Ember is an obstinate JavaScript framework which is easy to learn and has great community support. Ember portrays itself as a framework for making aspiring web applications and has Handlebars based templates that update automatically on data changes.

Ember.js focuses on software engineer productivity and joins regular sayings with the goal that the developer doesn't need to dawdle settling on insignificant decisions.


Aurelia is another well-known JavaScript customer framework for mobile, desktop and web. Aurelia offers two-way data binding and backings distinctive JavaScript flavors, for example, ES5, ES 2015, ES 2016 and TypeScript.

Aurelia is made out of smaller, focused modules as instead fo taking the monolithic framework approach. Aurelia makes it simple to test the code and provides commercial support from its makers.


Meteor is a full-stack reactive application framework for building mobile, desktop and web applications with JavaScript. Since its release in 2012, Meteor has seen great development and in addition business appropriation.

This MIT Licensed Open source JavaScript framework focuses on building functionalities with lesser lines of code by utilizing a coordinated JavaScript stack that reaches out from the database to the customer side code. The Meteor development amass which is behind Meteor's improvement, additionally offers official help and enterprise level hosting for Meteor applications.


Polymer is a JavaScript library by Google that encourages you make custom reusable HTML elements (web components) and utilize them to assemble performant, viable applications. Polymer-powered elements based on standard Web Components APIs and work flawlessly with the browser's built in elements and other Web Components.

Polymer benefits as much as possible from the web platform by utilizing the most recent APIs while giving polyfills for older browsers. It gives templating and additionally bi-directional data binding and is useful for feature rich applications.

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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript system developed by Evan You and released in 2014. Vue is additionally one of the quickest developing JavaScript system as far as fame and appropriation.

Vue.js offers two-way data bonding, server-side rendering and vue-cli for tooling support. It has incredible online documentation and in addition an expansive number of free Vue.js tutorials are likewise accessible from the community. Vue is additionally useful for large scale applications.

Which one is Best JavaScript Framework?

All the JavaScript frameworks specified above are extremely prevalent and among the best picked frameworks by developers with regards to web applications. If you need to settle on a decision about the best JavaScript framework then that decision would rely upon different factors. For instance, if you need a framework with great business substance's supporting at that point React or Angular would be a solid choice, notwithstanding if you need a framework with simple expectation to learn and adapt and in addition open community then Vue.js might be the framework for you.

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