Top 9 Reasons Which Make AngularJS The Best JavaScript Framework

   Mar 15, 2018              Web Development

In spite of the fact that AngularJS is a self-announced superheroic JavaScript system, yet you require a more profound understanding and assessment before including it in your web development program. We realize that jQuery is as of now being used by different projects and developers additionally utilize various other JavaScript libraries to utilize functionalities not gave by jQuery and jQuery plugins which give infinite scrollers, sliders and UI elements. With such a large number of requests of the web world it is hard to discover a JavaScript framewotk which covers them all.


Before making a choice you have to pay regard to the monolithic code which overburdens your site and further makes it slow. In addition, people may feel that it is simply one more framework like Knockout.js and Backbone.js.

1) Deals with the Development Problem

One noteworthy issue which application developers experience while writing code for web applications is that the items on the server side aren't represented the same on the customer side. It is fine when the applications are not complex but rather trouble emerges as the level of complexity increase as it can delineate protests on both the sides. It promote additionally prompts wording issues, as the activities of the individual on the customer side fluctuates from that on the server-side. It doesn't have a similar input methods and some of the time it is into data attributes or concealed inputs.

Consequently, dealing with this complexity turns out to be hard. But, in AngularJS there are ng-resource which can be utilized to make benefits that get up to REST APIs and return that object in JSON and further method can be connected to make it a totally functional object. Taking a shot at it feels like dealing with the server side. Besides, developers can have get(), save(), update() methods that maps to REST API and that too without putting in much efforts.

These methods are somewhere like Data Mapper methods we have on the server side.

2) A Framework size for all type of applications

Page loading time is main consideration which contributes a lot towards page abandonment. The average user has no patience to wait for sites which take aeons to load. In addition, loading time of a single page is very essential for your site's loading time in entirety. Keeping in mind the end goal to break down the effect of JavaScript framework on your loading time you consider the size of the framework and the bootstrapping time taken by the framework. Discussing AngularJS, its version 1.2.22 is of 39.5KB, empowers the developers to make adroit applications with high aesthetic value.

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3) Allows Parallel Development

Dependencies Management is one of the key strengths of AngularJS, however it hasn't been totally obliterated yet it has been dealt with a considerable measure. It has an enormous in-assembled matrix which makes it very simple to carry on multiple key operations in a streamline flow. Applications developed in JavaScript are exceptionally easy to program and test without the risk of getting crashed which was not same with the ordinary JavaScript applications.

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4) Make Single page applications easily

It is hard to create single page applications. However, with AngularJS framework it has turned out to be very advantageous to develop high performance single page applications which are likewise responsive to various screen sizes and in this way give a much better user experience than the web based applications. These applications likewise have a tendency to lessen the overall network traffic as they are rendered on the customer side, in this way reducing the load on the server.

AngularJS is a complete package which offers features from templates and routing to connecting for building up a fully-functional SPA application.

5) Backed with adroit support

The applications based on AngularJS will undoubtedly yield great outcomes as it involves a tremendous trained community of developers which can utilize their imagination to outfit the inventive instrument minus all potential limitations. It additionally offers an open design document forum where developers can contribute their suggestions and can help in straightening the communities experience. Every one of these recommendations and inquiries are hence replied by the core AngularJS team.

6) Offers quick development through building block categorization

Services, Controllers, Directives, Views and Factories present in AngularJS help you to classify your Applications building block easily. These categories are additionally isolated in modules which have a particular role in the association. For example, as the name suggests, View will manage the UI, Controllers will control the functionalities delineated in the UI, communications with the back-end and holding the related and common functionalities will be done by Services and ultimately we have the Directives which gives the use to make reusable components which likewise reaches out to HTML characterizing new behaviors, attributes and elements.

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7) Intrinsic Dependency Injection saves time and efforts

There is an inherent Dependency Injection in AngularJS which gives a streamline flow to the development and testing phase while web application development. With this feature of Dependency Injection the developers have the leverage to easily ask for dependencies and this saves their time and effort to find them. AngularJS can discover your requirements and will give you the needful instantly. If you have to get to a particular AngularJS service you will get it instantly by AngularJS.

8) Automatic Dirty checks

There is an automatic Dirty Checking features in AngularJS which allows you to adjust just constrained property of arbitrary object. This feature does not require you to utilize getters and setters to get to your model data. AngularJS naturally recognizes the changes and offers notifications to all the watchers for the same.

9) AngularJS supports application testing

With such a great amount of discontinuity in the device world, App testing demands a considerable measure of regard for different issues leaving continuous situations. Keeping in mind the end goal to manage this, AngularJS is powered with mocks particularly created for giving in-built services, for example, $timeout and $http.

In spite of the fact that a written piece of document won't be sufficient to portray its functionalities. To reveal all, you have to dive into the deep skin by utilizing it.

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