Why Wordpress is Considered as Best Platform for SEO

   Nov 23, 2017              Wordpress

About 26% of all sites In the WORLD are powered by WordPress, which is no uncertainty motivation to consider when developing WordPress sites. Appropriate from the arrival of the platform in 2003, it has progressed significantly and now developing with a portion of the stunning updates to be as particular as possible. This feature rich platform comes stuffed with astonishing utilities that could be used especially to develop the business sites.


if you are well familiar with WordPress, you know why it is recently astonishing to utilize. The platform is free, simple to utilize and declares to have various plugins to be utilized for particular purposes. These additional items help in the modifying the sites according to the particular requirement. More to it, there are themes that could likewise be picked relying on the particular needs.

Here is more on why WordPress is considered as best platform for SEO and why you ought to likewise consider utilizing it for the web development requirements.

Open Source Platform

WordPress is an open source platform, which makes it an powerful content management system moreover. Being an open source platform means that WordPress can be gotten to by any of the clients over the world to add to the consistently growing group.

Furthermore, the updates in the platform should be possible effortlessly, which is another explanation behind considering the platform for site development.

WordPress has various inbuilt themes and plugins which influence the web development to assignment significantly easier for SEO experts.

Simple Website Optimization Options

Before we discuss simple WordPress optimization alternatives, let us reveal to you that WordPress comes free of cost. Clients can undoubtedly download it to start the site advancement errand. A little specialized learning can without much of a stretch enable the clients to set the platform.

WordPress has a well known 5-minute install technique to download and get the platform running on ordinary host provider. As a result of this simple installation option, even the clients who are not in fact sound have the delight to chip away at the platform. In this manner, there is no PHP coding included, which is, obviously, an alleviation for non-specialized experts.

With regards to enhancing the site for better outcomes, WordPress emerges of the group as it is coordinated with inbuilt SEO plugins. In this way, it works better, if you intend to hire expert SEO agencies to actualize SEO strategies.

Hire an Experts

Easy Permalink Settings

After the WordPress is installed, it is presently time to head towards drop-down menu. Here you will discover a segment "permalink". In this segment, you will discover default interfaces that have just been created while downloading the platform.

The default interface in the permalink must be enhanced with particular links that are post important. The settings should be possible by browsing through settings > permalinks. You have to chip away at the "custom structure" to indicate the links or the permalinks.

Mobile Optimized Platform

Being responsive is the need of great importance for the sites. With Google's new algorithm, sites should be responsive i.e. they should be transferred effectively on any of the platforms independent of the measure of the gadget.

WordPress helps in the development of mobile optimized sites as the platform is presently responsive and could without much of a stretch enable developers to make outstanding sites that are responsive in the approach. It is likewise going to help in the enhanced ranking of the site over the ones that are not developed responsively.

Array of Themes and Plugins

WordPress has a rich themes and plugins directory that could be picked relying on the necessities of the sites. In WordPress, there is a module for each conceivable errand that should be refined while building up a client driven drawing in site.

While plugins do the undertaking of expanding the features, themes, then again, help in giving an appealing look to the sites. With a large number of themes and plugins accessible with the WordPress, clients get the silly number of choices to edit the sites.

Quick Site Loading Time

With a WordPress template coded effectively, WordPress sites will load faster. A faster web loading speed is continually going to satisfy the clients and furthermore add to the enhanced web ranking.

WordPress sites produce search engine frindly HTML codes, which search engine crawl slither upon effortlessly. In this manner, by picking WordPress as your definitive site development platform, you will appreciate a superior web ranking. Sites' visibility will likewise be enhanced further.


WordPress is recently remarkable from each perspective whether it is from SEO's viewpoint or from developers perspective. The previous part enables the sites to rank well and for the last mentioned, various options are there to deal with for a superior yield. Furthermore, WordPress has a core community support that adds to comprehending the issues that ascent alongside the utilization of the platform. In this manner, with such a large number of inbuilt alternatives, it is quite recently difficult to beat the popularity of the WordPress among other content management systems.

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