How We Work

How We Work

How We Work

Project work flow is another important element to successful software development.The important challenge of any project is to timely achieve all its projected goals and objectives. And hence managing a project is very important as it can end up with waste to time, effort & money. Savvyonweb typically uses one of several scenarios depending on a project size, client's standards and corporate culture.

Typical flow for a small to medium sized project is outlined below :


What you think , Requirement Gathering and Analysis



Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation from Business Analyst team.



Order Confirmation

A detailed "Scope Of Work" document is created for customer's approval which contains each and every detail of the project along with delivery schedule, milestones and payment terms.




The design concepts are created and revisions done as per customer feedback. Customer approval is requested at each and every stage of the development process.




After finalizing the designs, we will move to the development as per the milestone & delivery schedules.



Quality Assurance

After completing a stage in the development, we will move our developed work to our staging server to test. Here our test team will test the application/solutions on the basis of requirement.




Beta Release to the client server.



Go Live

Final Release and Support.



Internet Marketing

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