Savvy IRCTC and Train PNR

Savvy IRCTC and Train PNR

Savvy IRCTC and Train PNR Mobile Apps

Savvy IRCTC and Train PNR Railways mobile app for Android users provides easy access to the Indian Rail passengers to get information on their booked tickets, Train Fare, Seat Availability, Book Ticket, Train Live Status and PNR Status.

  • PNR Enquiry-

Check status of your waitlisted or RAC tickets instantly. You likewise get exact seat number, coach position and platform number of your train. The information once recovered is saved and accessible disconnected from the net also. So despite everything you have the data if there is poor network connectivity. User can also share this via social app & other features.

  • Train between Station-

Check available train details between stations where you want to travel. Enter origin and destination, complete list of trains will appear with seat availability.

  • Train Route/Schedule-

Check your train route or schedule of train to select this features. Enter Train Number and get scheduled arrival and departure time of train at stations where train is scheduled to stop. User can also see route on map by clicking on ‘GetMap’.

  • Train Seat Map-

If you don’t know which birth you allotted. Choose this features and check birth or seat map by train and seat number. Forst choose your train or Class, seat map with seat number will appear.

  • Train Live Status-

To know current running status of train, choose this features. Enter train number, choose station which status you want and select running date. All running information will appear.

  • Train Cancelled-

Get complete list of cancelled train by choosing this function. Select date on which you want to check. A complete list of cancelled train on this date will appear.

  • Train Reschedule-

To know about rescheduled train select this function. Select date on which you want to check. A complete list of rescheduled train on this date will appear.

  • Train Ticket Booking-

You can book tickets through our app and it’s easy as it remembers most of your information you entered the first time. It is 100% safe and secure as the tickets are purchased through IRCTC website.s and cancel tickets.

  • Train Station Status-

If you planned instantly, you want check train availability in next few hours, then you can choose this features. Enter origin and destination station, select hours and submit. All available train will appear.

  • Train Diverted-

To know changes in train route, choose this features and select date. Complete list of diverted train will appear.

  • Train Budget-

To know current budget of railway click on Train Budget. Information about railway budget will appear. You can know fare increase or decrease in fare, railway planning, strategy, upcoming rules or train and other all railway information by this features.

  • Train Refund Rule-

By this features user can know refund rules on different cases like cancellation on normal & tatkal ticket cancellation, cancellation on train missed, cancellation on train late etc. all refund rules in details will appear.

  • Train Meal Charges-

To know actual price and availability of food in train choose this function. The food available in different train with price list will appear.

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