Savvy Web Design / Development Trends In 2021

The websites are not merely a piece of content and design, but they represent individual brands, organizations, and people. As companies and organizations have crossed all borders, doing business at the world level has become possible and feasible and websites are playing a very important role in this realm. Our development teams are always looking ahead to discover new technologies that can catapult them to a brighter future. In this article we will discuss the trends in terms of website design & development in 2021. Here are some top trends for web design/development to be seen in 2021 :

1) Embedded Videos or Motion UI design along with your content - Using a video on your website homepage is one of the best web design trends for 2021. Motion UI involves the use of visual cues and makes it possible for web applications to respond to users, creating a more fluid and enjoyable user experience. We should use simple animations to improve the user experience when visitors have to wait for pages to load or reach an error page. This can keep the user engaged when they encounter things that typically ruin the user experience. Motion UI is a powerful front-end library for the creation of customizable animated UI elements

2) Voice search will explode thanks to IoT - The internet of things (IoT) has held much promise for quite some time, but 2021 could be the year we see exactly what can be done. Two areas, in particular, voice search and smart speakers, could be responsible for this growth. The growth in both of these areas will impact how everyone from developers to users interacts with search engines, which means that developers and marketers will need to adapt how they do things. Schema Markup is microdata placed on your website which provides an improved description or rich snippet for search results. To ensure that your website is ready for voice commerce technology, you should make sure that it is optimized for voice search. With the use of smart speakers, users can purchase products without any hassle.

3) Dynamic Landing Pages & Responsive Web Design - Engage your audience through all devices! Responsive Web Design is fully responsive and automatically presents your content in the best possible format. Keeping users engaged on a simple, static landing page is difficult, so adding responsive web design elements such as animation and interactive features can keep users engaged on the page longer

4) Progressive web applications (PWAs) will replace native mobile apps - Building native mobile applications is a much longer process than building a traditional website, especially when you need to include personalization elements.

If you’re considering a revamp to your desktop web application, you will need to optimize for mobile devices as well. Rather than build two applications, develop your website as a PWA for a better customer experience on mobile.Here are some benifits for PWA :

  • Reduced development and support costs
  • Quicker launch to the market
  • Easier distribution
  • Smooth installation
  • Saving device power and storage
  • Seamless maintenance and updating. 

5) Serverless architecture (cloud architecture) - Serverless computing, being one of the most interesting current web trends, can boast of many benefits. The main advantages of this approach are as follows:

  • Enhanced scalability
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Delegated maintenance.

The main cloud computing models: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The business logic of server less software systems is executed by the provider, and the same goes with server management. Among the server less computing services providers, we should mention Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

In 2021, the current trends in web development transform the way businesses can interact with their clients. In our article, we have discussed emerging technologies in web development that boost user engagement. Adopting the latest technologies, websites can stay competitive and offer a great user experience. Our savvy web design and development team created an engaging and function design that incorporates many of the latest web design trends. If your business is ready to take your web design to new heights, reach out to our team of experts. Contact us for customized quote

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