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You should know about the way that WordPress is an inconceivable platform for designing sites. It can be effectively taken care of by any individual who knows about it. In this quickly developing period, numerous clients don't have sufficient energy to learn WordPress codes and procedures, henceforth need a prompt answer for draft their format. Blank WordPress Theme is the best answer for them.

Blank Wordpress Theme

What is Blank WordPress Theme?

Regardless of for what reason you need to build up the theme, the colossal approach to begin the procedure is by utilizing a Blank WordPress Theme. You can articulate it whatever you need like Blank, naked, base or starter, it will work same as the beginning stage from where you can make your own Theme. Fundamentally, these are the pre-fabricated frameworks which spare a great deal of time that clients squander in modifying the theme codes again and again.

Why Use Blank WordPress Theme?

Why do you begin sans preparation when you are having all the required records with usefulness and styles at one place? Open source group is truly extraordinary as it takes all the torment of creating inventive Themes and plugins to facilitate the work process of WordPress clients. Due to the WP people group, we as a whole get encouraged with inventively created naked WordPress themes that enable us to manufacture and move things shrewdly.

Blankly here and there gifted WordPress clients likewise confront loads of issues in creating Themes. All things considered, they should take help from proficient developer or contract a dependable WP development company to get their questions Blanked. You can rely on Savvyonweb in this setting as it is the dependable name for creating rich Blank WordPress theme according to customer's requirements. Here, we create tweaked systems by coordinating immaculate markup codes that assistance you stay away from the worry of appreciating the base code work.

For the simplicity of WordPress clients, we have hand-picked a portion of the best WordPress starter themes that accompany improved components and uncommonly made for responsive integration.

Specific List of the Best Blank WordPress Theme:-

1. Underscores – Blank WordPress Theme

Underscores is another open source naked wordpress Theme which is presumably the most mainstream starter Theme. Created via Automatic, the makers of WordPress, the Theme is impeccably composed in HTML5 and CSS markups. The perfect code and very much kept up system help you rapidly construct a Theme which is agreeable with WordPress Theme norms.

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2. Bones – Blank WordPress Theme

Bones is likewise a WordPress naked Theme exclusively created with an attention on mobile first approach. It particularly utilizes SaaS and accompanies prepared to utilize code to make custom dashboard capacities and custom post types. The Theme is ideal for amateurs as the all-around archived CSS makes it simple for clients to comprehend and shape the Theme according to prerequisite by rolling out minor improvements.

3. Naked WordPress – Blank WordPress Theme

This is one of the colossal Blank WordPress Theme for individuals who are energetic about learning WordPress theme development. It is a very much remarked and inline theme which gives clients a chance to comprehend what is really going on while making a WP Theme. Clients can consider this theme as a mix of WordPress instructional exercise + starter Theme.

4. WP-Flex – Blank WordPress Theme

WP-Flex is considered the responsive WordPress starter theme which is presented with selective components, for example, test information for unit testing and strict consistence with the authority WordPress theming. Through these exceptional components, WP engineers can appreciate the simplicity of work.

5. JointsWP – Blank WordPress Theme

This theme is worked with Foundation 6 and giving you the adaptability and energy to confront challenges while building complex sites. It encourages you make excellent designs with JavaScript off-canvas features and fundamental styling for regular components without beginning sans preparation.

6. BlankSlate – Blank WordPress Theme

BlankSlate is a to a great degree adaptable and basic base WordPress theme, Designed by remembering the developers concern. This theme is essentially a center passage between building Themes from the scratch and utilizing any huge bare themes, for example, Underscores and Roots.

7. Components – Blank WordPress Theme

Developers likewise tested another starter theme called Components. This theme was an approach to make some other Theme type having diverse segments. Otherwise called the generator, the Theme is worked to isolate diverse parts to make little yet straightforward themes.

8. Sage – Blank WordPress Theme

Sage is checked one of the advanced Blank WordPress theme worked by utilizing Bootstrap, Gulp and Bower innovation. To perform well, it utilizes a Theme Wrapper which enables clients to abstain from changing a similar code tediously in each layout. The best part is, Sage is effectively kept up and get naturally gathered into the designed theme assets.

9. FoundationPress-Blank WordPress Theme

You can depend on one of this best starter WordPress Theme in light of Foundation 6. It is respected as the progressed and most responsive framework which goes about as a convenient tool compartment joined with basics expected to manufacture a WordPress design. It accompanies effective customization elements and clean semantic code which facilitate the work weight of WP theme developers.

10. CyberChimps – Blank WordPress Theme

CyberChimps is an open source HTML5 responsive simplified Blank WordPress Theme designed with most extreme exactness. It is a Bootstrap based theme accompanies touch-accommodating choices board which enables clients to plan and redo their site utilizing the given usefulness.

If you are among the enthusiastic WordPress clients and need a Blank WordPress Theme to make your development easy & faster Savvyonweb is the one stop solution. Here, we professionally create Themes and framework through which you can helpfully arrive your necessities.


The previously mentioned free Blank WordPress themes guarantee to make your site development exceptionally advantageous. This blog secured all the urgent certainties and systems required to fabricate a strong WP site. We trust our blog help you to locate the best starter WordPress theme to do your WP development. We trust our blog help you to locate the best starter WordPress Theme to do your WordPress Theme development. 

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