Tips to Design & Optimize Website

   Apr 06, 2017              Web Designing

Today I will reveal to you how to Design and Optimize site. At the point when any Designer is making a site, he/she overlooks some essential things in the site like optimized tags to utilize it. Today i will reveal to you a few strategies of optimize tags with better design.

Design & Optimize Website

The most effective method to Design and Optimize Website:

You need to deal with every single code in your site for better design and optimizing of site. These Design and Optimize strategies are:

1) Use Less Number of div's:-

Don't utilize div of every single errand in your site. You can utilize some different tags too simply like segment, header, footer, aside, traverse and so forth. On the off chance that you are utilizing less number of div's your site speed will increase and it helps for optimize it.

2) Don't Use Extra Margin or Padding:-

When we are utilizing additional padding and margins. it is destructive for site responsiveness and make a screw up some of the time. In the first place consider the padding and margin, do the best possible estimation and afterward utilize it.

3) Remove additional space:-

Do not utilize spaces when it is not required in html or css.

4) Increase Readability of your code:-

Increase the meaningfulness of code for you and your associate comprehension. Utilize some editorial manager like Notepad++, Dreamweaver , brilliant to keep up a comprehensibility.

5) Use Comments:-

For better understanding and optimization, you need to utilize remarks. Remarks assumes an imperative part to comprehend and know the motivation behind code later on too on the grounds that we overlook more often than not why are we utilizing that or that code.

6) Use Meta Tags:-

You can utilize legitimate meta tags to list your site in web search tool. You need to utilize title, description, keyword, social media tags for better enhancement.

7) Google Webmaster:-

If you are utilizing google website admin, you recognize what are the mix-ups you have done in your site and in the wake of seeing the slip-up you can adjust it to enhance the optimization level.

8) Google Analytics:-

It helps you to give the details of your site simply like click, visits, site hits, sessions of your site.

9) Short codes in CSS:-

Use the short codes in your css design with less spaces. For the most part we are giving space after section, semi colon, colon and class. Try not to utilize any space in your css to optimize your site.

10) Use Jquery and Javascript below:-

Write every one of the codes of javascript underneath the footer area. It helps you to build site improvement.

11) Less Usage of javascript:-

Try to utilize less javascript and jquery plugins in your site for fast loading and optimization.

12) Make Your Website Responsive:-

Make your site responsive and mobile friendly. It helps your mobile and other client to see your site legitimately.

13) Use Alt tags:-

Use the alt tag to give the name of the picture. It is exceptionally helpful

14) Image Size:-

Reduce your picture sizes to load your picture faster and consume less space. 

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