Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With Wordpress

WordPress is an adaptable and flexible tool for creating sites. It as of now supports around 60 million sites, and it isn't simply little brands and personal blogs either.

Just under of 30% of the high ranked sites in the world are based on and supported by WordPress. To the extent content management systems go, WordPress truly is the pioneer and should be.

In spite of that WordPress has a reputation for just being utilized for blogging!


In this article, we'll take a look at the main 10 types of sites that can be made utilizing WordPress, with a few examples.

In no specific order, they are;

1. A Business Website

Many global and regional brands around the world depend on WordPress to create their sites because of the huge variety of themes accessible, and that it is so natural to incorporate pictures and videos in it. Expansions can even enable clients to find their closest store or Dealership.

Industry-driving organizations like Mercedes-Benz, Bata, Angry Birds and Sony Music depend on WordPress to control their sites.

A Question and Answer tools can make any business site more responsive, and guarantee much of the time made inquiries about your item doesn't vanish into a mass of content!

2. A Government Website

Organizations may even now be viewed as too little time contrasted with the sites of whole nations! Nonetheless, Governments offices still need to show data in a way that is simple for individuals to comprehend and extends a positive and current picture of the nation.

Sweden's authentic site is based on WordPress. As is ThisisFINLAND, and uncountable quantities of towns and offices have fabricated their sites utilizing WordPress. ThisisFinland is a traveler site, intended to draw in guests to Finland by flaunting its way of life in a shrewd current manner.

So also PMInida, the official site of the Prime Minister of India, based on WordPress and intended to radiate an advanced vibe, demonstrating how far the nation has come.

All pulled in by WordPress' capacity to indicate "what's on?" and detail alternatives in an easy to understand way. Both for guests and for site administrators.

WordPress extensions even permit multi-language sites for nations with in excess of one working language!

3. A News Website

What do the New Yorker, Australia's Herald Sun, the Village Voice, People magazine and Vogue have in like manner?

You got it, every one of their sites are powered by WordPress. Custom themes enable the content creators to appeal to their target market, be it fashionistas or highbrow broadsheet readers.

Articles incorporating photographs and videos to influence the story to wake up, adaptable remark area tools to influence readers to feel a part of the discussion and secure payment alternatives and extensions that permit content restriction, all at the editorial manager's fingertips, it's justifiable why numerous kinds of news sources have relocated over to WordPress.

4. eCommerce

Regardless of whether a youtuber running an eStore, to the monstrous commercial center that is Etsy, WordPress can be utilized to make online stores. WordPress is rapidly turning into the go-to answer for business new to internet business for its convenience. Extensions can deal with payments, inventory, sales tax, and shipping.

Most utilize WooCommerce, which is the most prominent eCommerce platform on the web. Also, just so happens to be worked for WordPress.

We additionally make an exceptionally valuable extension that helps running marketing campaigns, turning those new clients, into rehash clients.

There are even extensions that enable you to go above and beyond, and set up a closeout site in WordPress.

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5. Employments Board

In the advanced world, a few employments are winding up progressively specialty. Having a board where organizations can list specialty employments that users can apply for and specifically get paid from the site can make everybody's life easier. Furthermore, WordPress can set up this kind of site, as Glassdoor can demonstrate.

Most occupation sheets won't just be a rundown of employments and a hunt list, organization surveys, and normal compensation are dependably a smart thought to have to this sort of site. Some go above and beyond and have an experiences blog, where supporters can give a diagram of their everyday lives in their occupations.

Glassdoor even incorporates a little gathering where clients can detail the interview questions they were inquired! To enable future interviewees to get ready.

This can work for here and now, few hour occupations like in Promo, or every hour consultancy. Or on the other hand it can be a whole carrer – WordPress powers Homedepot's careers page, for example.

As WordPress permits isolate tabs, most organizations utilizing the platform incorporate a different tab about "Why Work for Us?" or "Organization Culture", helping candidates comprehend what sort of individual you need to contract.

A professional reference extensions is totally precious when setting up this kind of site.

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6. Online Communities and Social Media

Facebook Newsroom is built utilizing WordPress. You can't leave Facebook off a list when discussing social media!

What's more, you can attempt to built their adversary utilizing WordPress, or only a specialty online community.

WordPress can make forums, and a registration code plugin can help keep trolls from irritating that community.

For that specialty group for what reason not transform some portion of the site into a wiki (What I Know Is) knowledgebase? Or then again even utilize PeepSo or BuddyPress to make your own informal community inside WordPress.

7. Podcasts

Podcasts. There are a million of them, and they're all astonishing.

Regardless of whether its a podcast about inspiration and managing pressure ( Tiny Leaps, Big Changes ) two film buffs quibbling and raging about modern cinema (Wittertainment ) or one about media stories surrounding Islam ( #GoodMuslimBadMuslim ) you can make sure of a useful or engaging time tuning in to one.

Podcasts and WordPress go as an inseparable unit. Redo your webpage's theme to suit, include reward content for supporters, oversee messages to illuminate audience members when there is another issue of a podcast they're bought in as well… Maybe even run an online store as an afterthought?

It would all be able to be made in WordPress.

A Download manager plugin can ensure audience members can download and tune in to back scenes at whatever point wherever they need.

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8. Charity Websites

Like business, WordPress can make a kind of site to keep benefactors informed of what your charity is for, what it is doing, how its gifts are being spent. Alongside giving a safe place to give to your charity straightforwardly.

Citizen Schools goes above and beyond and incorporates superb video lessons for kids in low-income families.

9. Portfolios

Artists, Photographers, and Web Designers all set up portfolio sites utilizing WordPress. With themes including wonderful sliders and stunning picture galleries, it's nothing unexpected that it has turned out to be prominent.

10. Restaurants

WordPress allows restaurants to flaunt their sustenance and feeling to the world.

A Booking manager can likewise specifically make and manage visitors bookings on the site itself.

Themes and I,ages meet up in WordPress to help make a mood before diners even step through the front door.


All in all, WordPress can be utilized for far beyond blogging!

It is adaptable to the point that these thoughts are not fundamentally unrelated. A photographer can set up a portfolio, with a booking manager for events and a little jobs board to arrange meetings with models.

Following a religion program? For what reason not make a discussion for the online community, set up a podcast and an online store.

WordPress can do everything.

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